We purchase insert carbides, cutting inserts for the best price !!! >> Carbide tools, craftsman tools and materials in our stone shop!
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Purchase of secondary materials

t is situated in the area of LUTOMA company in Hejtmánkovice 19, close to the Eurooil petrol station.

Electrical appliances used for recycling can be submitted for free here.


According to the new regulation No.383/2001, it is forbidden to purchase any car parts from citizens, except for a car battery. 
As a result, no car parts can be purchased from you but can be taken for free for recycling. 
Car batteries will be purchased according to a valid price list.

Secondary raw materials can be purchased from a value of 300 CZK, the money will be transferred to your bank account.

Opening hours


8 - 17:00


8 - 15:00


8 - 15:00


8 - 17:00


8 - 15:00


8 - 11:30

Purchase pricesWe purchase following metals and others that are not listed in accordance with operating rules:

Purchase prices


Price CZK/kg

Iron light up to 4mm


Iron heavy more than 4mm


Mixed waste - enamel, sheet metal 
with plastic, rubber or other non-
metal material


Iron turnings


Cast iron


Stainless steel pc, sheets


Stainless steel turnings


Copper - new


Copper - old


Brass - pc, sheet


Brass turnings


Aluminium wire


Aluminium pc,sheet,cast


Aluminium turnings


Lead – pc


Zinc without iron


Copper cables


Aluminium cables


Electric motor


Car battery


Carbide tools, insert carbide



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